Where to Find Handmade Boho Chic Home Decor

bohemian home decorThe most recent trends in home decor showcase lots of bohemian and boho chic influences.  Bohemian home decor is can be relatively easily accomplished by incorporating a wealth of throw or toss pillows and hanging some sheer curtains in the windows of your home. Things such as pressured mirrors, reupholstered furnishings, and mottled colors are a must. Boho home decor is known for accents that may consist of drapes with lace trim, shibori tie dyed pillows, muted colored cushions, hand dyed curtains, and bohemian sheets and homemade bed linens.

Furniture can Be Bohemian Chic Too

Large pieces of furnishings, from canopy beds to deluxe, leather couches, are excellent for an inviting and laid back bohemian room. If you are re-upholstering vintage furnishings, seek hand colored materials, Suzani fabrics and Otomi embroidered fabrics. These all will certainly lend a trendy place of brilliant colour and vibrant tribal design while keeping the general look natural and typical. Itajime shibori materials, dip dyed ombre pillows and Indian-inspired silk sari prints are some other must-haves. For included step, always throw a vintage Indian Kantha patchwork onto your sofa.

Natural fabrics and soft colors are the key when styling your boho posh area. Anything that looks lighthearted, free perky, and unintentional, will certainly be a terrific addition to your boho elegant house.

Where Should You Buy Boho Chic House Design?

A terrific source for handmade, personalized residence decoration is Etsy.com. Items right here are handmade in tiny sets, and oftentimes store proprietors will produce custom pillows, personalized bed linen, and customized hand dyed curtains just for you! Another terrific source for Boho home decor is TheTangledPath.com

The newest fads in residence decoration feature numerous bohemian and boho posh influences. The boho trendy house decorations look can be effortlessly achieved by including an abundance of throw pillows and hanging some sheer curtains in the glass. Boho accents might consist of drapes with lace trim, shibori toss cushions, hand dyed pillows, hand colored curtains, and bohemian sheets and homemade bedding.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes Can Help with Back Pain

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise, but when you can’t be outside because of the weather, recumbent exercise bikes offer a great alternative.  This is especially true for those that suffer from back pain.  A traditional bike requires that you sit in an upright position supported by the muscles of your back.  For many people this can be very painful after any lengthy period of time.

recumbent stationary bikeOne of the best ways to take pressure off of your back is to be able to recline against something.  This allows you to focus all of your energy on pedaling the bike.  It also allows you to properly exercise the muscles you should be working, your legs.  Being in the recumbent or laid back position does not drastically change the muscles needed to pedal a bike.  It still requires that you use your hamstrings and quads.

At the same time that it relieves pressure on your back, it also removes pressure from your wrists.  Since those with back issues often cannot hold themselves in the proper position when upright, most of their weight gets transferred to their wrists.  However, the wrists are not designed to support weight in this way.  Eventually the small muscles in the wrist will wear out, and the rider will begin to experience pain.

All of this is fixed by sitting in a recumbent position while riding.  And since you can’t always go outside to ride, a recumbent exercise is an excellent alternative for exercise.  The best recumbent stationary bikes are great for indoor exercise since they allow you to easily look up at a TV or hold a book in your lap.  With a standard bike you often have to crane your neck up to see a TV.  And if you try to read a book while on one of these bikes you will inevitably drip sweat on whatever you are reading.

There are a lot of advantages to recumbent stationary bikes.  Maybe you should look into one for your home.

Choosing the Right RC Toy For Your Child

RC toys are fun for people of all ages.  But when it comes to choosing a product for a child (ages 8-14), it helps to take a few things into consideration when making your buying decision.

Safety First

rc quadcopterFirst and foremost you should consider safety.  Children have little understanding of the dangers posed by speeding cars or flying toys.  Most radio controlled products are lightweight, but even something lightweight can cause damage when it’s moving fast enough.  Whether you’re considering a car, truck, plane, or helicopter ensure that it is safe enough to be operated by a child.

The next step in safety is insuring that your child knows they can only use the new toy in appropriate locations.  It may sound crazy, but you can bet that some little kid somewhere has tried to fly a remote controlled airplane in their home.  While that might be the exception, you can be they would want to fly it out on the street so they can impress all of their friends.

Make sure your child knows when and where is an appropriate time to use their toy.  Choosing something like one of the mini-rc products out there is another way to insure safety.  These products are so small that they remove all but the most remote danger from happening.

Basic Control

The next step in insuring your child’s enjoyment of their new toy is the simplicity of control.  Many RC products are very difficult to fly for beginners.  If you’re child is going to stick with it long enough to enjoy it, they either need to be very patient, or you need to buy a product that is extremely easy to use.

While traditional RC helicopters are extremely difficult to fly, a new type of device called a quadcopter is much simpler to control.  It uses four rotors instead of one, making control a snap.  Some of the best beginner quadcopters can be found at Drone Depot.  They’re online guides will help you make the best buying decision.

Many quads have a video camera attached.  You can even use a GoPro on some models.  The best quadcopter for GoPro is the DJI Phantom 2.

Sleep Habits Can Impact Creativity

We’ve all heard that sleep is important.  You’re supposed to get somewhere between 7 and 10 hours of sleep every night.  While this may be easier for some than for others depending upon your work schedule, it can have a significant impact on our overall health.  But what does our body do during sleep?  And how does if affect our creativity?

A Time of Rebuilding

Sleep is when our body heals, repairs, and replenishes itself.  There are certain tasks that our bodies are designed to do while we’re awake, such as looking for food and water, absorbing sunlight (blue light), and exercising.  Then there are the tasks that our bodies perform while we’re sleeping.  These include healing injuries, restoring nerve pathways, and energy levels.

It is also a time when our brains can sink to a lower level of consciousness.  We take in billions and billions of stimuli or input over the course of the day.  When we sleep we allow our brains the opportunity to process all of this information completely.

Improve Your Sleep With These Simple Steps

Improving the amount and quality of sleep you’re getting is a relatively simple and painless process.  Sleep is heavily impacted by our circadian rhythms.  This is an internal 24 hour clock that is pretty much in sequence with the rising and setting of the sun.

Over the course of millions of years, our bodies, and the bodies of all living things, have adapted to this natural clock.  And there are certain things our bodies look for to know that it’s time to go to sleep.

Getting sunlight is an important part of this process.  The sun activates a response from our skin that releases vitamin D.  This triggers hormones in our body that tell us that it’s time to be awake and active, and it’s the beginning process of getting a good nights rest.  Getting less light later in the day is also an important part of the process.  This triggers the production of melatonin in our bodies.  This hormone plays an important role in sleep.

Eating the right foods is another important factor in improving your quality of sleep.  Blood sugar plays an important role in this process.  Blood sugar levels affect melatonin and cortisol production in the body.  While eating a starchy meal a few hours before bedtime has been shown to help in getting to sleep,  make sure to manage your blood sugar overall by eating relatively low carb.  A Paleo-type diet is a good way to ensure your blood sugar is well managed.  While the Paleo diet doesn’t include sweets, there are alternatives for those with a sweet tooth.

Exercise plays a huge role in getting a good nights sleep.  Our bodies were designed to work.  Releasing energy through exercise is good for stress relief and overall relaxation.  Exercising later in the day does tend to have an impact on sleep hormone production though, so if you have difficulty sleeping, try to get your exercise earlier in the day.  Of course the amount of exercise you get is relative to your fitness level.

For those that exercise quite a bit, you’ll be surprised at how much your performance increases as you increase your sleep levels.  So many in sports and fitness assume that quality supplements is all they need and miss out on many of the gains they would’ve otherwise received if they would just get a good nights sleep.

Improving Creativity

The most important part of getting more sleep is allowing your brain to decompress.  Because of our modern world with input from mobile devices, TVs, and everything around us, our brains can become overloaded.  This can be a massive barrier to creativity.  If you find yourself dragging each day to try to accomplish your work, consider getting a couple extra hours of sleep.  It can be difficult for those that want to get up and at it each day.  But you only need to do it a couple of times per week to start seeing results.

Our entire bodies rely upon being able to sleep well each night.  Try a few of these tips and you’ll be amazed at how much improvement you see.


How To Find Unique Handmade Pillows

It seems like everywhere you turn these days you see mass produced junk that is pumped out by the thousands by some sweat shop in China.  Of course many of these items are made to look handmade and unique.  They might even be called handmade.  So when so much junk is being made and shipped into the U.S. , where can you find items that actually are unique AND handmade.

Handmade Marketplaces

pink elephant pillowIn recent years several handmade marketplaces have sprung up online.  One in particular is Etsy.com.  On Etsy’s website you can find anything from handmade watches and jewelry to custom throw pillows and designer scarves.  You can also find very specific products such as a pink elephant pillow.

Of course even Etsy isn’t immune to the invasion of cheap and crappy goods from China.  One of the things Etsy is currently struggling with is how to allow its sellers to expand their offerings by outsourcing certain parts of their business.  This of course invites those that are simply looking for yet another marketplace to dump their cheap ‘handmade’ junk from China.

eBay is another marketplace where you can find handmade and vintage items.  eBay was the original market for these sorts of goods starting back in the late 90′s.  They’ve grown immensely since their beginnings where they were selling Beannie Babies.

You can literally find anything and everything on eBay, and at just about any price.

Smaller websites are also a great resource for handmade items.  After doing a quick search for handmade pillows, we came across The Tangled Path.  This site is dedicated to handmade pillows, napkins, and place settings.  This site is run by a young woman from Bend, Oregon.  She makes everything from her home.

Of course there are any number of other websites you can find by simply searching for ‘handmade decor’ from your favorite search engine.

Knowing What to Look For

There are a few tricks you can use to determine if something is truly handmade.  One is the quantity available. If a site lists hundreds of an item in stock you can be relatively certain it’s not handmade.

Another thing to look for is uniqueness.  Most mass produced items are purchased by wholesalers and will then appear on any number of websites.  If you see something familiar from one website to the next, odds are it’s mass-produced.

Finally, price is another indication.  You can bet that a $5 watch that is labeled handmade is anything but.  Handmade items take a great deal of time to produce, and are therefore typically more expensive.  However, if you’re in the market for something that is unique, this premium is worth it.

And don’t forget Amazon.com when it comes to handmade decor.  While Amazon sells millions of their own products, they also have small businesses that sell through their website.  You can find elephant decorative pillows, custom quilts, and all sorts of other items.

In our next article we’ll talk about some great Christmas gift ideas for the home cook.  We’ll cover how to chose the best knife sharpener base off of a guide created by Make It Sharp, a site devoted to sharpeners of all types.

Generating Additional Income in a Tough Economy

Let’s face it, the economy sucks. Since the financial collapse of 2007 – 2008, we have seen more and more intervention by the Federal government attempting to get our economy back on track.  And it seems to be having very little impact.  So what are some of the things you can do right now to try to increase your income?

Further Education

One benefit of all of the government spending in recent years is that it has become very easy to get grant for further education.  If you are in a job that offers better pay for additional education, this can be a great option to explore.  Technical jobs of just about any nature are a good example of this.  Whether you’re current job is information technology based, or even in the medical profession, furthering your education sets you apart from the competition in your particular field.

A specific example might be for radiological technicians.  The base pay for someone coming out of radiography technologist school can be anywhere from $38,000 to $42,000 per year.  But if you were to further your education by studying other fields such as sonogram, CT scan, or MRI equipment, you can easily increase your salary to $60,000 per year.

There are more benefits to having multiple skill sets than just earning a higher salary.  Just finding a job in today’s environment can be challenging.  But if you can offer your employer something that other candidates don’t, you’ll very quickly separate yourself from all of the other applicants for a specific position.  For more information specifically on radiography and other imaging jobs, check out this website on medical technician salary information.  In addition X ray technician salaries, the site also has information for ultrasound techs, MRI techs, and more.

Online Business

Starting an online business is another way to generate more income.  The Internet is full of ideas for various types of online businesses.  Granted most of them are probably scams.  But there are a few legitimate ways to make a VERY good living online.  And you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a course that teaches you how to do it.  This is especially easy if you already have a website.

Amazon.com has an affiliate program that pays you a commission for items that are sold as a result of traffic you generate for Amazon.  Basically you create links on your website that direct your visitors to Amazons site.  If they make a purchase, you receive a commission on that purchase.  The more items you sell, the higher your commission rate.

Another method of making money is by selling items.  Ebay is a great resource for this.  But Amazon is as well.  Amazon sells millions of books every year.  But they sell many that are used.  You can actually use their App to get a value for books that you already own.  In fact many people go to book clearances to pick up books at a low price, and then turn around and sell them on Amazon for a profit.

Offer Advice

Do you have specific knowledge that people will pay for?  This is another great way to make money online.  Take a look at this basic website called www.roomdarkeningshadesguide.com.  This site offers help in choosing the right shades for a room.  But people will pay for this sort of advice.  Just think about all the topics that you might be able to write about, and then build a site around that topic.  You can then advertise on that site, and earn a decent income.

Sure it’s a tough time for the U.S. economy, but there are always ways to make more money.  You just have to know where to look.  Start by browsing online to see what others are doing.